Hello world!

Well, as many of you know, I haven’t always been very “in” when it comes to social networking and other online means to staying connected.  But lately I have had a lot of new things happening in my life and I want my friends and family to know what is going on!  I also need to process everything that goes on in my busy life, and writing is the best way for me to do that.  Let me catch you up on the past two years…

In the Spring of 2010 I left graduate school because I no longer felt the urge to become a speech therapist.  I wanted to be in the classroom with kids rather than pulling them out and spending 20 minutes with them, then spending an hour doing paperwork.  So, I got a job as a Pre-K teacher assistant.  For a year and a half I spent every day with some adorable 4-year-olds and learned a lot.

One thing that I learned is that I love children’s books.  I got to read to the kids almost every day, and after a few months I began writing my own children’s stories.  I made it my New Year’s Resolution of 2011 to get published.  And in August of that year I found out that I will be!  Stories for Children magazine is going to publish my story “Moon Rocks” in their April/March issue of 2012.  Yay!

When I got that news, I wanted to see what else I was capable of.  I felt that God was leading me to go back to school and do something with my writing.  So I applied and was accepted to the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.  On January 2, I packed up my earthly possessions (and my cat, thank goodness I found him… if you want to hear that story feel free to email me!) and moved down to the Charlotte area.

So… with all that said, I am now attending UNC Charlotte to pursue my second Bachelor’s degree (in English).  When I’m not at school, I am working as an Editorial Intern at Charlotte magazine.  They have me fact-checking and proofreading, as well as blogging for their Bride+Groom blog.  It has been a great few weeks adjusting to this new life, but I am doing very well and feel like God is opening a lot of doors for me.

Thanks to all of you who continually pray for me and support me.  Follow me on my blog as well as Twitter and I will keep you updated!  God bless!


2 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. Hi Anna, Enjoyed reading your blog…..thanks for keeping me updated. We miss your smiling face but excited for this adventure that you are taking. May God always bless you and keep you safe in this crazy world we live in. Love, Betty, Bruce, Gracie & Abby.

  2. Well aren’t you just the cutest thing to hit the blogging network? I am so very proud of you! Your drive amazes me … God has BIG plans for you! Love you!

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