Reading the night away…

After only two weeks of classes, I can safely say that I have never had to read this much for school… ever!  I am only taking three classes, but they are all English classes.  Therefore, I must read and read and read.

For my Children’s Literature class I just got through reading The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and The Secret Garden and I am starting The Little House on the Prairie.  I absolutely love this class!  The stories are classic and fun, but I have to read about one book per week.  I have been spending most of my “free” time reading for class!  Don’t get wrong… I love reading!  But gosh when am I supposed to sleep?

Another class I’m taking is Writing About Literature.  The first part of this class focuses on poetry… how to read it and write an essay about it based around a thesis statement.  Wow… now I am not a big fan of poetry, nor do I understand it.  So your prayers for this class would be much appreciated!  Further into the semester we will focus on short stories and plays (specifically “The Death of a Salesman”), so that will be much better than reading about how much Sylvia Plath hated her Daddy (click here to read that poem).

My last class is Approaches to Literature.  In this class I am learning about the way that I read (like do I focus on the characters or on the language/syntax, or even on the author and his or her motivations for writing the story).  I will be reading two novels later on in the course, plus most of the textbook, as well as doing some creative writing.

I joke around with people telling them that I am majoring in English because I need to learn how to speak it.  After this semester, I will definitely be an expert at reading it!

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