Movie Memories

I was feeling very nostalgic this morning as I tweeted “Back to school… Back to school… To prove to dad I am not a fool!”  This is of course from Adam Sandler’s movie “Billy Madison.”  I loved this movie in high school and watched it probably a hundred times, so thinking of it today as I was driving to campus got me thinking of the past.

Isn’t it funny how movies bring up certain memories?  Another such movie for me is “Grease.”  I cannot think of “Grease” without thinking of my elementary years.  I loved this movie so much, I think I watched it every day!  I’m sure it probably got on my mom’s nerves a bit.  I knew every word, every song… I even had the soundtrack and listened to it in the car.  Whenever I think of the movie now I always picture myself sitting in our living room in Maggie Valley and singing “Summer Lovin'” at the top of my lungs!

I cannot write a blog about movies without mentioning one of my all time favorites: “Dumb and Dumber.”  I can quote this movie backward and forward.  I love thinking of this movie because it reminds me of high school and the great friends I had then (and still have now).  In fact, one of those friends (cough cough, Mary Beth) came to visit me last weekend.  We spent about half the time she was here quoting the movie.  We even snagged Brent’s DVD player and went to Walmart to buy the movie because we were wanting to watch it so bad.  Call us crazy….

Those might be two of my favorites… but the honorable mention for nostalgic movies goes to: “The Notebook.”  I remember the first time watching this movie, I think I cried for hours.  My favorite part of the movie is when Allie and Noah are on the beach and she is trying to get him to say that he is a bird.  She runs and jumps in his arms and he says “If you’re a bird, I’m a bird!”  Awww…. I love this quote and it has been said several times between myself and a certain someone!  I will always think of Brent when I watch this movie!  Good times…

So, all that being said, tell me about movies that bring up great memories for you!


2 thoughts on “Movie Memories

  1. There is no doubt that my favorite movie is Grease. It is my fault Anna loves it so much because I watched it all the time when my kids were growing up. When it first was released in the theater my friend and I went four times to see it. We just couldn’t get enough! The music and dialogue of this movie takes me back to my childhood….happier times!! I just get, well, happy when I watch this movie. Besides, John Travolta was some good “eye candy”!! Sorry Anna. I couldn’t help myself on that last comment!!!

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