What is Flash Fiction?

I’ve decided that homework is not necessarily a bad thing.  This past week I had to write  a piece of flash fiction for one of my classes (Approaches to Literature).  It was great fun, and because I had this assignment and wrote a great story I am planning to enter it in some writing contests.  But before I could get started I had to ask what exactly flash fiction is.

Flash fiction is a type of short story, sometime called sudden fiction.  The story is usually no more than 500 words, but sometimes up to 1,000 words is deemed acceptable as flash fiction. Most aspects of a story are still necessary to a piece of sudden fiction, such as plot, symbols, characterization, and so on.  But here’s the catch: COMPRESSION.  Writers of flash fiction have to find a way to compress every aspect of the story while not compromising on the storyline, characters, description, etc.

This is harder than it sounds and I praise every writer of flash fiction out there for being able to do this successfully.  If you are a writer I would love to read some samples of your work!  Just follow my blog and point me in the direction of your blog/website.



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