Time for a break…

To my faithful followers (all three of you) – sorry I haven’t been posting much lately. I am still trying to stumble over that block we call “Writer’s” and so I have been giving myself excuses not to grace you with my presence. I apologize for my lack of consideration… I know you have missed me!

That said, I thought I might just give you an update on my life, since it is so fascinating.  I am on spring break this week so I get some time off from going to class. Being an English major is great because it gives me an excuse to read all the time… but then again… being an English major is hard because I have to read all the time! So, spring break came at just the right time.

My favorite class is still Children’s Lit. We have left the genre of realism and are now in fairy tales and fantasies. I am about to start reading Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and I am super excited. I wonder if Johnny Depp is in it?

I am still enjoying my internship at Charlotte magazine, where I have been writing short articles and doing lots of fact-checking. My favorite part of the job is helping out with their sister magazines, Charlotte Wedding and Charlotte Home+Garden.  For the wedding magazine, I have taken over the Bride+Groom blog, click here to check it out!

I’ll continue to keep you updated, and I will post any new writings after I feel like they are worthy to be read! To stay connected with me, click on the links to the right to follow me on Twitter and Facebook.



2 thoughts on “Time for a break…

    • That’s awesome! I started “Little Women” a few months ago but am only about halfway through… it’s one of the many books I hope to read over summer break! Let me know how you like it!

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