My new relationship!

I recently found out that my first book will be published! I have been writing children’s stories for the past year and a half, I went back to school as an English major, I trusted God in this new career path… and it has paid off.

This new relationship I mentioned in the title of this post is my relationship with my publisher. I never knew what to expect when I thought about working with publishers and editors. I knew it would be some sort of business relationship, probably the kind where they get most of the profits and care more about themselves than me. But God has blessed me so much… my publisher is also a Christian, and has my interests as her first priority.

Not only does she want to publish one book with me… she has plans to go ahead with a second book once the first one comes out. Wow! One great thing about this is that the company is a smaller, independent publisher. This means that the publisher can focus more on the authors, and allow them to receive the bulk of profit from each book that sells. I am so excited to be starting this relationship with my new publisher!

So what comes next? I am currently coming up with illustration ideas for my first book, A Special Family. I will send these to the illustrator so they can get started on their part. I will also be signing a contract soon that lays out the specifics of this new relationship. My first book will be available sometime this fall!

If you want to read some of my writing, visit my website!


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