I’m Moving!

Happy 2013 to all of my blog followers! A lot has happened since my last post… I have graduated from UNC Charlotte with my Bachelor’s in English. I have been job hunting for the past two months as well as getting my first book ready for publication. I will post more information about my books later this week or next!

My job hunt has been very stressful, and I think it was God’s way of continuing to teach me patience. He wants me to rely on Him and Him alone… even when things seem scary and I’m not sure what my next step is, I can be certain that God is in control and He is taking care of me.

Thankfully, I have been blessed with a full-time job at Western Carolina University!! So… you know what that means… I am moving from Charlotte back up to the mountains that I grew up in to work at the school where I received my first Bachelor’s. I have a lot of transition ahead of me… from finding somewhere to live, to getting all my stuff moved into my new place, and so on. This will be an exciting few months as I figure out more details!

I start my new job next Wednesday, February 13th. I will be working in the Writing and Learning Center, which I am so excited about. They do a lot of good work with the students, tutoring them and teaching them skills such as time management (which is so important in college). In my spare time I will be continuing to work on my children’s stories, so be prepared to hear a lot about that in the future.

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