The Busyness of Life

As you may remember from my previous posts, I have started a new job at WCU. I love my job so far and feel so blessed to have a steady income, to have something meaningful to do everyday, and to be working with some wonderful people.

Regardless of how much I like my job, it has still been a kind of stressful time for me as far as finding time do to everything I need to do. It’s not that I have too much on my plate, but that I’ve had to learn how to balance everything on my plate. It was strange going from having absolutely nothing to do all day to working 8-5 and trying to get a book ready for publication and settling into a new house.

My days are jam-packed. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining! I love to be busy and I am definitely busy. It has been a learning process to figure out how to make time in my days for the things I know I need to be doing. For instance, I make sure to get up 15 minutes earlier than usual so that I can spend some quiet time with the Lord. Also, some days I spend my lunch break working on my stories or on marketing strategies for Moon Rocks. I miss the days when I got off work at 3 and spent the rest of the afternoon at Panacea just drinking coffee and writing! But I am slowly getting used to the busyness of this stage of my life… and I’m enjoying every minute (even the stressful ones)!



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