Celebrating picture books everywhere…

Well, November is Picture Book Month and I’m so excited to be a part of this celebration! My dream for the past two years has been to publish books for children, and this past May my dream came true. Tanner Turbeyfill and the Moon Rocks has been a hit with both parents and kids. I’ve visited local libraries, elementary schools, and even farmer’s markets to read the book to children and sign their copies. I love it every single time!

I’m currently working on two new books, both of which should be released in 2014. Follow me on Facebook and Twitter to keep updated on those projects!

However self-centered this post may seem, my purpose in writing it is to say that I wouldn’t be where I am without other picture book authors. It was while I was working in a Pre-K classroom and reading other authors’ books every single day that I fell in love with this profession and wanted to conquer the writing terrain myself. I’m inspired by reading other stories and get caught up in the beauty of other illustrators’ masterpieces.

So, here’s to the other picture book authors out there – you keep me inspired and I hope my books do the same for you!

With humble appreciation,


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