An Ode to Friendship

I’ve recently discovered how important it is to have true friends in your life. Not that I didn’t appreciate them before, but I didn’t realize how much of an impact they could have on my day-to-day existence.

The past few weeks have been hard on me, for personal reasons that I won’t go into, and I’ve been living the hermit lifestyle. This is typically how I deal with sadness… I stay home and read, watch TV, clean, and sleep. I don’t talk to people unless I have to, and I don’t go out or try to do anything fun… simply because I don’t have the energy or the desire to smile and enjoy the blessings that I do have in my life.

While being a hermit is helpful during the hardest of days when I don’t want people seeing my red, puffy eyes (and when I could care less about putting makeup on to hide it), there comes a time when I have to be pulled out of this state. That’s where my friends come in.

I’m talking about the people who know me well enough to leave me alone during those weeks of solitude. They know that I’ll call them when I’m ready to talk… and when I do call, they are ready and willing to come over and go sledding in the snow, or go with me to a movie, or meet up for a cup of coffee. I can’t tell you how important these friend-dates have been… I was able to open up my heart and let out my feelings; I was able to cry and be comforted; and I was finally able to laugh again. Laugher really is the best medicine. It might take weeks, months, or even years to heal completely, but I know that I’ll be okay.

So, if you are struggling through something, please learn from my recent experiences and go spend some time with your best friends. It may just be the thing that saves your life.


4 thoughts on “An Ode to Friendship

  1. I agree 100%, and am also thankful for your friendships. I hold my own friendships close to my heart. The Lord blessed me with friendships that have lasted for over three decades, and in a few cases over four decades. I’m telling my age in this post! They have saved me many times. I’m not even sure if they know it or not. I should make a point of letting them know. God has blessed you with lifelong sister friends as he has me, and I am so, so thankful to Him for that!!

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