Kickstarter Campaign

I’m excited to announce my very first Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for my next book! This is an “all-or-nothing” campaign, meaning that if I do not reach my goal of $8,000 by the May 31st deadline, then donors will not be charged for their pledges.

My Story

If you have been following my blog at all over the past year, you know that I am a published children’s author. Diamond DMT Publishing, a small press based out of South Carolina, published my first book in May 2013 and are working to release my second book, A Special Family.

Before A Special Family can be released, Diamond DMT needs to pay off the remaining production costs of the first book and be able to pay the costs of publishing A Special Family (see my Kickstarter page for more details).

Would you be willing to help me on my journey of publishing more children’s books?

How To Donate

Click HERE to see my Kickstarter page, then click on “Back This Project.”

If 320 people donate $25 each, I will reach my goal of $8,000! You also get certain rewards for each “level” of donation, so make sure to check those out as you consider how much you can pledge. Thank you so much for your support; check back here for periodic updates on the campaign!


2 thoughts on “Kickstarter Campaign

  1. I really wish you the best of luck I’ll be starting my campaign on the 1st of June I’ll make sure that I log on and support your campaign I’ll share it with my friends and followers I’m new to the blog world but I’ll share of FB

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