Quick update on my Kickstarter campaign: it was successfully funded! YAY! Throughout the campaign, I promised that the money would go toward two things: paying off the production costs for Moon Rocks and publishing A Special Family as an eBook.

I’m so excited to announce that we will have enough money for an additional project: my publisher is going to release Moon Rocks as an eBook! We are currently working out contracts and all the behind-the-scenes stuff, but the two eBooks should be available on Amazon by this fall.

I want to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who contributed to the Kickstarter campaign. Your support is such a blessing in my life, and my career as a children’s author is growing because of your generous donations:

Amy Grady
Amy Jicha
Andrew and Mandy Haygood
Betty Booher
Betty Nash Newman
Brenda Thomas
Brent Seward
Christy and Aaron Haygood
Cindy Bryant
Debbie Glance
Elizabeth Carmichael
Holly Lee
Joan Reeves Ross
Julia Seward
Kristin and Philip Brown
Leah Milan
Lindsey Carpenter
Lori Stephens
Marcia Shanesy
Maria Carpenter
Mary Beth Sharp and David Brown
Mary Brown
Mattie Davenport
Medea Sharp
Megan Brown and Chris Allen (Waynesville Soda Jerks)
Michael and Kimberley Edwards
Roy and Donna Browning
Sarah Wheeler
Scott Parton
Tamara Lockman


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