The Summer Slide

We all love summer break… getting a month or two off from school and homework, who wouldn’t enjoy that?! Growing up, I looked forward to getting out of school as soon as we started back in August.

While summer can mean fun vacations and sleeping in past noon, more and more we are hearing about something called the Summer Slide – sounds fun, right? Summer Slide is actually something we should help our kiddos avoid… over the summer, children are less likely to read and do any kind of educational activity. When a brain that is still developing sits idle like this, a child is more likely to lose some of the ground that was gained throughout the school year.

This is especially concerning when it comes to reading. It is very hard, for example, for a child to enter 4th grade and be expected to read on that level when they have slid back into a 3rd grade reading level. Would you want your children to start off the school year behind?

I love talking to kids about reading and sharing my love of books with them, which is why I’ve spent time at two local libraries this summer participating in summer reading events. Haywood County’s public libraries had a science focus this summer and invited me to read my book, Tanner Turbeyfill and the Moon Rocks. My event, dubbed “Moon Mania,” was a hit with the families. We read my book, learned about the phases of the moon, and created our own moons using Oreo cookies. What a fun way to get those children excited about reading (and science!).

moon mania 2

My hope for those kids that I connected with at the libraries is that they will keep reading throughout the summer and be well prepared to start the school year off right. I know that most of their parents were checking out library books to take home for the weekend, which makes me smile… and I hope that anyone reading this blog post will take the same initiative with your children’s education.

canton library

So, here’s my challenge to all the parents of young children out there: can you read FOUR books to your child (or with your child, depending on their reading level) EVERY DAY until school starts back? Can you be passionate about their education and brain development?

Let me know how you avoid the Summer Slide by commenting on this blog post! I’d love to connect with you. For more information on the Summer Slide phenomenon, check out Reading Is Fundamental.

moon mania 3


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