New eBook: A Special Family

I’m SO pleased to announce the release of my second children’s book, A Special Family — a 25-page eBook illustrated by Gwen Clifford and designed by Josh Crawford.

This story is very special to me… I wrote it for a friend whose husband is in the Air Force. They recently (2 years ago, time flies!) had their first child and requested a children’s book that would help their little girl understand what it means when Daddy has to be deployed. So I wrote this book about a little girl, Lacey, who learns what “deployment” means and how to cope with a parent being away from home.

Included at the end of the book is an “About the U.S. Military” page which will teach kids about the five branches of our military.

This story is being released first as an eBook, so you can get it on your Kindle device or on any computer, iPad, or iPhone using the Amazon Kindle app. Purchase your copy now on Amazon!


Now available on Amazon
A Special Family, eBook
Diamond DMT Publishing


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