Purchase my eBooks for only $0.99!

So what’s the deal with eBooks anyway?

I know most of you own a copy of Tanner Turbeyfill and the Moon Rocks, many with my signature inside… but did you know that Moon Rocks is also available as an eBook? Did you know that I published a second book in 2014, A Special Family, that is exclusively available as an eBook?

I’ve heard from many of you that you prefer a hard copy of the book, either because you love that I can sign the book or you may not have an iPad or Kindle. But here are a few things you might not know:

  • eBooks save trees! Okay so that’s kind of a no brainer…
  • You can download an eBook to your computer, not just to a tablet or smartphone.
  • eBooks are cheaper than print editions (regular price for my eBooks are $7.99, whereas a print copy is $20).

eBooks are a great way to get a large number of books into the hands of children, so I’d like to reward those of you who want to purchase copies of my first two published stories!

This Thursday through Sunday, July 9-12, both Moon Rocks and A Special Family will be available on Amazon for only $0.99 (an 80% discount, links below)! I hope you take advantage of this offer and let me know how you and your kiddos like the books.

July 9-12, 2015
Tanner Turbeyfill and the Moon Rocks: click here
A Special Family: click here

If you would like to order a signed print edition of Moon Rocks, contact me here. God bless!


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