My Life These Days

Greetings followers!

After realizing it’s been almost a year since my last blog post (yikes!) I think it’s time to give you an update on my life. I can give the usual excuses for why I haven’t been active on my website this past year – I’m so busy, there aren’t enough hours in the day, what should I even blog about, etc. But I think I can sum it up best with the frantic exclamation that I gave my fiancé a few weeks ago: I’m having a crisis of career-identity!

What I mean by that is I’m not sure what to pour my focus into. I love writing children’s stories and have even published two books; however, since my publisher has retired and my rounds of query letters have remained unanswered by potential new agents/publishers, I’ve been feeling like it might be a while before I get another book on the shelves. Sure I could publish one myself, and I probably will one day, but if I don’t even have time to blog how would I have time to get a book ready for publication?

I’ve also been trying to break into the freelance world the past few months; I spent last fall getting certified in Copyediting and Proofreading, and was published this past spring in The Mountaineer’s Blue Ridge Bride. I’d love to do more freelance writing and proofreading, but again, I can really only do this in my spare time.

Lastly, I have my job at WCU, which is amazing and I love being around college students, but I know that this will not be a lifelong career because I’d like to do something with my English degree. So I’m having this crisis of career-identity because, in my professional life, I’m not sure what my future is. Because of this, I haven’t been blogging because, frankly, I didn’t know what you would want to hear.

After my frantic exclamation and subsequent pity party, I realized the one thing that I love doing, no matter what job or hobby I’m in, is writing. Whether it’s writing children’s stories (having a bit of writer’s block in that area lately) or just writing my thoughts (journaling is the best therapy for me), my creative outlet is writing.

So, I’ve decided to be more active in this blog, not just to keep my followers updated, but also for my sanity! And since I have NO clue what you want to know about, I’m going to write about everything 🙂

Some things you’ll read about in this blog:

  • My latest writing ideas
  • Updates on my children’s books
  • What’s been happening in my life that week
  • Things I’m struggling with
  • Things I’m celebrating
  • My amazing fiancé
  • Wedding planning and other life transitions
  • My fitness routine
  • My skin care routine
  • Thoughts on life, profound or not

I hope you’ll continue to follow this blog and support my feeble attempts at cleverness. Please feel free to comment below to let me know what you’d like me to blog about.

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