Wedding Planning – Fun or Frantic?

Although I’ve been in five weddings, attended over a dozen, and have been thinking about my own wedding for 29 years, I never realized how much thought and planning goes into this one day. It is a day-long celebration of love and family and friends, and because Kevin and I have decided to have a large wedding, there are a large number of things to plan and coordinate!

I’ve gotten most of the big things taken care of: the location, food, and vendors (DJ, photographer, cake) are booked; my dress is ordered (yay!); bridesmaids’ dresses are being made; flowers have been chosen; and invitations have been ordered.

But there are SO many tiny details that I didn’t realize would need to be attended to. For instance, how many candles do I want on each table? What time should we start pictures that day so we can get to the church on time? Should I put our return address on the front of the invites or the back?! What time do we want to cut the cake? Do we want chicken or pork?? (SPOILER ALERT – it’s both.)

Someone asked Kevin a few weeks ago if planning a wedding is stressful, and I think he had the perfect response… it’s only stressful if you make it stressful. For us, it is fun, because we know this will be an amazing day with our closest family and friends, and will be the start of a beautiful life together. We have fun planning each detail of our wedding day and do our best not to stress over it, because it is only one day out of our entire lives. With everything we are doing to make November 5th a day that all of our guests will remember, we also know that some things might not happen perfectly; but as long as I make it to the altar and exchange vows with my darling, this whole process is worth it.




6 thoughts on “Wedding Planning – Fun or Frantic?

  1. Sometimes, the imperfections make it perfect! I still have “oops” stories of my wedding day that make me smile! Don’t sweat the small stuff. The “I do’s” are the most important thing!! I love you guys!!

  2. Anna and Kevin. So excited for two people that are so much in love. Looking forward to your wedding day. Anna you are always beautiful. So looking forward to seeing your dress. Prayers for both of you and remember, enjoy this time of planning for the big day, but remember everyday is precious. Lv u Betty and Bruce.

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