Time to Move… Again!

I want to talk a bit about moving. Sigh. Let’s make this an equivalent to a compliment sandwich:

I have become an EXPERT at packing and moving! This is the sixth time I have moved in the past five years. Most of my new places are within 30 minutes of each other, but each move was necessary due to houses selling, apartments being closed, etc. And because I’m now a pro, I’ve drafted a few tips for those of you unlucky (or lucky?) enough to be moving in the next year:

  1. Declutter – moving gives you the best reason to declutter. I want to move the least amount of boxes as possible, so each time I pack up my apartment, I make a plan to take only my Must Haves. My rule of thumb: If I haven’t worn it or used it within the past 12 months, it gets donated or thrown in the dumpster.
  2. Take it slow – pack one or two boxes a day so as not to wear yourself out, but this means you should start packing early. Don’t procrastinate!
  3. Start with items that you only use occasionally and are okay storing away in a box for a couple of months.
  4. Pack the items you use daily as close to moving day as possible. This is a big one for me, because I really don’t like living out of a suitcase.
  5. MAKE FRIENDS! These lovely people will often help you move, even if you don’t offer them a bribe.

I’m so tired of moving. Growing up, I had at least eight different home addresses and don’t really have a place to call a childhood home, at least not one that I can go back and visit. By all means I’m not complaining – I had an amazing childhood and the two best parents a girl could ask for – but I am definitely ready to be somewhere for more than a year or two.

The reason for this move is a happy one – I’m getting married in November! This apartment will be the first place I live with my future husband. We will start our life here. And this means I am one step closer to building my family and home with him. In fact, just the other day we decided on a floor plan for our dream home 🙂 Kevin was lucky enough to grow up in just one house and still visits that house when we go see his parents. This is what we want for our children, and for us.

A place to call home.


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