A Family Weekend

I often joke about what the best medicine/therapy is. Exercise, sleep, writing… all these things help me de-stress and relax. But one thing that always, always, always helps me feel better is laughter. And when do I laugh the most? When Kevin is being goofy, and when I’m with my family and friends. So a family weekend could not have come soon enough with all the things I’ve had on my to-do list.

I’m a very lucky woman in that I get along so well with my soon-to-be in-laws, who have already welcomed me into their family as if I’ve always belonged there. Kevin’s parents are amazing people and I already call them Mom and Poppa. His sister, Kristen, has now become the sister I never had. His Aunt Sharon and his cousins are now an irreplaceable addition to my extended family. And his niece, Kenley, already claims me as her Aunt Anna.

This past weekend we got to spend a few days with this lovely family, and even brought along my mom and my niece, Paula, who loves her Uncle Kevin possibly more than she loves me! Saturday was Kevin’s mom’s birthday, so we celebrated with a huge family breakfast, an afternoon in the pool, and tacos for dinner (thanks to Aunt Sharon, Julie, and Trey!). Sunday was spent eating leftovers for lunch and more family time before heading back home.

What made this weekend so sweet was being with my two eldest nieces. Paula and Kenley have become fast friends. They swam in the pool basically all day Saturday and Sunday, and when we were inside they were off by themselves playing with toys or their tablets. Such a sweet picture! Their laughter is contagious and I love them with my whole heart.

One thing I’ve come to realize is that being an aunt is a special thing. Those girls love spending time with me and run for a hug as soon as they see me. Not only will I cherish this aunt/niece bond as they grow older, but I’ll also get to be their friend, someone they can confide in and run to if they ever need me. I’m so very blessed.

My prayer is that I never take my family, friends, love, or laughter for granted. Let’s all take a minute today to tell the people we love how much we appreciate them, especially the sweet, innocent children who can teach us a lot about living carefree.



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