No, I Didn’t Wash My Hair Today

The other day, someone asked me how I got my hair to “curl like that, because I’ve never been able to figure it out?” I replied, “It took me 29 years to figure it out!”

Because I’ve had quite a few compliments on my hair recently (not a humble brag, just being honest), I thought I’d share my new hair care routine with the world. Before I make lists and show pictures, I’ll give you a quick history of my scalp and hair issues, and a mini-science lesson (disclaimer: I am not a scientist, I’m just good at sounding smart). Feel free to skip a few paragraphs if you bore easily.

My whole life, I’ve suffered from itchy scalp caused by seborrheic dermatitis, especially on the scalp behind my ears. I’ve also been constantly annoyed at my “greasy” hair. I used to complain, “Ugh, if I don’t wash my hair every day it gets so greasy!” Because of the greasiness and itchiness, I have always washed my hair every morning with some kind of anti-itch shampoo and used a prescription topical medicine to keep the dermatitis at bay.

I decided to do some research because I was sick of spending so much money on shampoo and conditioner when I didn’t feel like it was really doing anything for my hair. And here’s what I found out: your scalp produces oil to nourish your hair… this oil is a good thing! The MORE you wash your hair, the drier your scalp gets and the MORE oil your scalp produces to make up for the dryness, thus causing the “greasy” look. And this excess oil could be what exacerbates my dermatitis.

So I decided to try this whole not-washing-my-hair-everyday thing to see if allowing my scalp to produce its natural oils to nourish the hair would work better. And guess what… it has worked! I’ve started washing my hair every two to three days and hope to get up to four or five days eventually. In between washes, I use baby powder as a dry shampoo. Below you’ll find my routine, pictures, some cool facts, and hopefully a little inspiration to try something new with your hair.

Day One

  1. Nizoral Shampoo on scalp, let sit for 5 minutes.
  2. Use a scalp brush to massage shampoo into scalp – this breaks up dead skin on the scalp and increases blood flow to the hair follicles, or so I’ve read. Side note – I DO NOT shampoo through the ends of my hair. I only shampoo my scalp and roots.
  3. Rinse hair.
  4. Shea Moisture Restorative Conditioner, let sit for 5 minutes. Side note – I only condition the ends of my hair, never the roots.
  5. Day one routine now splits into a few options:
    1. For a wet, beachy look – Leave most of the conditioner in my hair, semi-rinse it out while using my fingers to scrunch the curls. This method is called Squish to Condish (thanks Reddit).
    2. For a dry look – Rinse hair completely. Once out of the shower, my next step depends on how I’m feeling that day:
      1. Use fingers to “scrunch” in a few drops of conditioning oil; let air dry (this style is shown in the first photo below).
      2. Blow dry hair; straighten with a flat-iron.
  6. Be awesome and feel confident.

Day Two

  1. The night before, I put baby powder on my scalp to soak up oils overnight (watch YouTube videos for instructions).
  2. Morning of day two – sprinkle baby powder on hands and massage into scalp and through hair. Baby powder works for me because I have blonde hair, but if you are a brunette you can use cocoa powder (or so I’ve read).
  3. Use a curling wand to curl sections of my hair.
  4. Let hair cool for 5 minutes, then run my fingers through it.
  5. COOL FACT – because my hair is “dirty” with natural hair oils, I don’t have to use hairspray! My hair holds curl like I never thought possible.
  6. COOL FACT – I still go to the gym during my lunch hour, put my hair in a ponytail, then take it down and run my fingers through it and it STILL looks like this. Amazing.
  7. Be awesome and feel confident.

Day Three

  1. Same as Day Two, step 1.
  2. When I wake up, my hair is STILL curly from day two! So I simply sprinkle my hands with baby powder and run a little bit through the “greasy” sections of my hair, but not too much. Remember, hair likes natural oils!
  3. If there are a few pieces that have lost their curl, I’ll use the curling wand to get the bounce back.
  4. Just like day two, I still don’t have to use hairspray! Yay for the Ozone layer.
  5. COOL FACT – even though I haven’t washed my hair in two days, my scalp is not itchy!! I haven’t had to use my prescription topical medicine and the dermatitis is kept at bay.
  6. Be awesome and feel confident.

When I start feeling like the baby powder and maybe some dry skin is building up on my scalp, I’ll wash my hair the next day. I haven’t bought shampoo or conditioner in almost two months, I no longer need hairspray, my hair is softer and feels healthier, and my scalp does not itch anymore.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with your hair! Don’t be afraid to ask Google about different hair care routines. Find what works for you and you’ll be happy with your hair every single day! Be awesome and feel confident. Feel free to message me with any questions.

Now for the photos. I tried to get the back of my hair so you can see the curl, but also my scalp so you can see how healthy my hair looks.

Hair Day One

Day One
Air Dry

Hair Day Two

Day Two
No Hair Spray

Hair Day Three

Day Three
Literally Just Rolled Out of Bed


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