The past three weeks have been a whirlwind. After spending a year planning our wedding and honeymoon, Kevin and I are finally married and are starting our lives together. Love is a joyous thing! Our wedding was absolutely perfect (posts to come) and our honeymoon was unforgettable. Here are the highlights of our trip to Kaua’i, Hawai’i:


We spent ten days in paradise. Kaua’i is the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen in person; the weather was perfect; we got to be beach bums; the food was amazing; papaya is one of my new favorite fruits; my list could go on and on.

Favorite activities (pictures below):

  • Helicopter tour
  • Kalalau trail on the Na Pali coast
  • Waimea Canyon lookout
  • Luau (I have to eat BBQ everywhere I travel)
  • Beach lounging (my favorite beach was Wailua, Kevin’s favorite was Poipu)
  • Kilauea Lighthouse

Favorite restaurants:

  • Keoki’s Paradise – located in Poipu on the south side of the island. Their monchong was amazing.
  • Kalypso Island Bar & Grill – located in Hanalei on the north side of the island. Happy hour and banana daiquiris were legit.
  • Al Pastor food truck – located in Kapa’a on the east side of the island. Fish tacos, shrimp tacos, chicken tacos. Enough said.
  • Kountry Kitchen – located in Kapa’a. This was our favorite breakfast joint.
  • Bubba’s Burgers – multiple locations. One of the best burgers we’ve had anywhere.
  • Duke’s – located in Lihue. Amazing seafood upstairs, fantastic bar food downstairs. Gorgeous bay views.

Not only was the weather perfect, but flights were smooth, neither of us got food poisoning or an illness like other honeymoon horror stories we’ve heard, and we got to watch all our NFL games – granted they were at 8:00 am, but luckily there were bars open for breakfast who had Sunday Ticket 🙂

I’m so very thankful for the two weeks we had off from work and were able to get away from the real world. We are now back home, unpacking wedding gifts, writing thank you cards, and about to enjoy our first holiday season as husband and wife. Thanks to everyone for your love and support! If you’d like to hear more about our trip, send me a message ❤

Now for the good stuff:

img_4539Our condo in Poipu

img_4396Na Pali Coast

img_4535Waimea Canyon

img_4533Waimea Canyon

img_4494Waimea Canyon

img_4492Waimea Canyon

img_4408Helicopter Tour

img_4510Hanalei Bay


img_4464Wailua Beach

img_4502Spouting Horn (Poipu)

img_4474Smith Family Garden Luau

img_4460Poipu Beach




img_4562Kilauea Lighthouse

img_4563Kilauea Coast


2 thoughts on “Honeymooners

  1. Congratulations!! We just celebrated a 50th birthday and a 50th wedding anniversary(parents) in Kauai.. we loved as much as you did!
    Honeymooned 25 years ago in Maui but now Kauai has our heart❤️
    We did make a short stop in Oahu this time to see Pearl Harbor and now that we have a child we spent several days at Aulani… it was magical too!!!
    Enjoy your married life and future travels!!!

  2. Anna, these pictures are AMAZING!!! Thank you for sharing them! I am too much of a homebody to travel, so I enjoy looking at other people’s travel pictures. Your wedding photos are stunning, as well!

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