New Year, New Goals

I’ve been hearing a lot of people griping about making New Year’s resolutions because it sets them up for failure. I say bring on the challenge! It’s important to have something you are working toward, otherwise, what is the point of living?

I asked my husband on New Year’s Eve what his resolutions would be, and his response was to “love more, laugh more, and follow Jesus.” What a lovely response! We should all strive to love others more; to laugh more and enjoy life; and, no matter what your beliefs are, be more passionate and intentional about living for those beliefs and morals.

My goals get a bit more specific and I will share one of them here. This year I will turn 30. It is my goal to be in the best shape of my life by the time my birthday rolls around in seven months. I’m starting a new weightlifting routine this month and will continue on my endeavors to eat healthy and take care of this body that God has blessed me with.

If you have any goals or resolutions for this year, don’t be worried about failing. Even if you can only walk a mile instead of running a marathon, at least you aren’t sitting on the couch.


5 thoughts on “New Year, New Goals

  1. I always love reading your posts, Anna! I set a goal last year to have a book published by the end of 2016. I was so disappointed in myself because I lost sight of my goal and ended up not even finishing my book. So, this year, I’ve set a goal to write 750 words per day, instead of setting a goal to publish. When I start to think about publishing, I get stressed and nervous because there’s so many options to consider. But if I just do what I love, and write every day, then I believe I will reach my original goal without even trying!

    Aside from writing, I need to eat better! Ugh!

    • That’s a fantastic goal! And one of the reasons I try to blog as often as I can. When you don’t have a publishing date in sight, you just need to keep writing, whether it is a story, journal, poetry, etc. It’s a creative outlet. You should think of starting a blog!

      • I recently discovered a website called One of my High School English teachers, Beth Revis, is now a published author but she also writes blogs and such on Wattpad. I have thought about, and researched how, to create my own blog, to no avail. If you have any tips on the topic, I’d be forever grateful! I love how yours is set up. It is very professional and even the URL is set to your own name. Most websites require their name to be first and the page title to be after the backslash.

      • I use WordPress for my website design and purchased my domain name (anna-browning) through a domain hosting site. Then I linked anna-browning to my WordPress blog so that “” shows up even though it is coming through WordPress. I hope that made sense! I can email you more info if you would like 🙂

      • Yes, that makes total sense! Thank you so much for explaining! I’ll check out WordPress and try to learn more about it but I would love some more info and tips if you could email some to me. Sometimes it’s easier to hear it from someone instead of learning it all on your own. I have no clue how to use WordPress so I feel like I’m going in blind. Surely it won’t be too complicated to get the hang of it!

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