Why I Did[n’t] Change My Name

Many of you might be wondering why my name on my blog, Twitter, and Instagram has remained Anna Browning even though I just got married.

I completely understand why some women keep their maiden name, or even hyphenate their last name with their spouse’s. You might feel strongly about your family name and want to keep it as part of your identity.

While I respect women who keep their maiden names and love that we have the right to make that choice, I have indeed taken on my husband’s last name. I am excited to be bonded with him in this way and start forming our own little family! I am the same person inside and out, and while I love the last name Browning, I am wholeheartedly honored and blessed to share the name Gath with my husband, my partner, my best friend… as well as our future children.

With that said, my publishing name will remain the same as it has always been. All future books, articles, blogs, essays, and anything else my creative mind can come up with will be published under my author name and the name I was born with – Anna Browning.

In real life, you may call me Anna Gath


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